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As a Small and Medium Sized Business you know that more 'Relevant' hits on your website will translate into more customers.  SMB Web Hits online marketing expertise gets your business more customers on location when you want them.
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Convert your Website Visitors to Customers

SMB Web Hits creates a custom Landing Page for your business that will drive visitors on your site to take action.  With a SMB Web Hits landing page solution your visitors will find what they need in as few clicks as possible.  Custom landing pages are simple and intuitive, with the site visitor easily understanding your business and its value.  The landing page encourages immediate call to action and can be used with your current website or as a stand alone website.

Web Landing Pages

  • Web friendly Content & Branding
  • Easy Contact Information
  • Highlighted call to action
  • Easy Navigation
  • Search Engine Optimization

Easy to understand Online Advertising

SMB Web Hits clients receive easy to understand, scheduled,  tracking results that is quantifiable and will assist in future online advertising options.

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